Stop the Stigma

A list of suggested reading for Survivors ~ PDF

A Mother's Journey With Suicide ~ Psych Central

A Child's Story of Grieving After Her Mother's Suicide "The Daffodils Still Grow" ~

Hope And Healing Guide
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Article on The Good Men Project
"I should have been looking for reasons for him to live. I didnt know anything about suicide."

College Student Resources

Coping With Loss ~ Page 17

Surviving A Family Tragedy: Suicide, Loss, & Grief ~ Psych Central Blog

Selfcare After a Suicide

Wherever You Go, ‘Here’ You Are

A Documentary on Suicide by Benet Davetian Ph.D.

Let’s Talk About Grief: Your Guide When Someone close To You Dies by Suicide

The Order of Things When Grieving

The Journey Through Grief

The Awesome Power of "Telling the Story"

Reaching Out For Help When You Are Grieving

Patient Advocate Centre 25 years Anniversary Book                                     

Suicide Sucks e-Book

Guidelines For The Practice & Training of Peer Support ~ 2013 Mental Health Commission, Canada
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Your Life Counts

Men & Depression/Suicide

Surviving a Suicide Loss: A Resource and Healing Guide

Distress Centres Ontario

Kids Grief Documents

Elgin County Mental Health

"Recovering From Suicide Loss: A Self-help Handbook for Those who have Lost Someone to Suicide"

American Foundation of Suicide Prevention                                                 

Canadian Mental Health Assosiaction                           

Kids Help Phone                                                                                          

Writer/illustrator Matthew Johnstone tells the story of overcoming the "black dog of depression" in this lovely video

Remembering Nicholas

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Sisters share their experience of grief and stigma and lack ofsupport.

A panelist discussion on survivors and their journey through grief to find hope

The local media & Canadian statistics of suicide
The Language of Suicide - Reducing The Stigma